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Understanding your personnel gives your company a competitive edge. The way we do research ensures that your business benefits from it.

Every organisation is different. That’s why research needs to be tailored to the needs of each organisation. Generic surveys produce data, but rarely long-term business benefits.

Generic research stuck in a rut frustrates us. We don’t believe in research for research’s sake, but always tailor our work to the needs of the organisation. In this way, the researched data provides valuable insight into your company’s organisational culture, employee experience, your personnel’s values and attitudes, well-being, competence or other topics you are considering in a changing world. We conduct tailored research to identify the gap between the client’s current and target situation and the concrete actions needed to change it.

However, it is not always necessary to collect data with a new survey, but in many cases there is already almost too much data. We also analyse the data that is already available. We do statistical modelling of relevant data sets, build trackable measuring instruments and explain our findings clearly. Data analytics is much more than technology, it’s finding relevant information in a large amount of data.

Working life is changing.  Now is the time to move towards the new. The road ahead will be rocky if it is not based on an accurate, clear and shared understanding of the current situation. With us, you’ll find the essentials of organisational culture and employee experience – whether your goal is growth and development, transformation or building on your strengths and assets.

Effective methodology combines experience, know-how and clear goals

Understanding your employees is on the crux of creating a competitive advantage. It is from genuine experience that we find the elements that build a successful organisation. This requires our ability to shift perspectives: our ability to understand both the realities of business and HR, and our specialised skills in the in-depth study of experience.

No matter how big the issues, business doesn’t stop for the duration of the research. We address this need with our innovative process that brings together deep understanding, comprehensive findings, business objectives and effective implementation.

We have experience of hundreds of target-oriented research projects that have helped us develop our methodology and improve our process. This enables us to deliver ground-breaking research with efficient resources and short lead times.

We will form a shared vision of the results, so that you can benefit from the research in your everyday working life

Our work will help your organisation make the best decisions, which is why we focus on distinctive analysis. We summarise the findings and conclusions of the research in a way that you can easily understand.

We take a coaching approach to the results, because we believe that it is the job of the researcher to make himself redundant. We always ensure that ownership of the findings resides with you. We will help you to create a shared vision of what is essential, so that you can develop in a common direction. Deeply analysed research is not just a series of results in a row, but a business-shaping whole. This is the kind of research that delivers business value.

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Research services

Analysis and development of organisational culture

An effective and appropriate culture drives activities and determines the employee experience. It is the key to a customer experience that delivers competitive advantage and successful transformation. By approaching culture deeply through experience, we identify the tools of development and what is critical. By analysing culture, we can improve many essentials such as: strategy, leadership, systems & structures, successful organisational change and mergers.

Theme study and data analysis

Tailoring is needed to realise the benefits of the HR survey. This is our perspective on specific HRD topics such as: well-being, working atmosphere, values, and attitudes, learning and competences, and many others.

It is not always necessary to collect new data, in this case we focus on data analysis. We do statistical modelling and summarise what is relevant in an insightful way. We define the indicators to be monitored. We help to bring HR data to the attention and agenda of management.

Employer branding and value proposition

A strong employer image is key to attracting skilled workers. Through research, we connect the internal perspective of the organisation (current employees) with the external (potential employees). In this way, we provide a broad view of how experiences differ and what should be learned from them in practice.

What does your organisation offer its employees in return for their commitment and effort? If you answered “money”, this service is for you. Understand the factors in your organisation that create an employer image and an engaging culture.

Employee experience as a journey

When you understand the employment relationship as a journey, you can also see more clearly the situations where the employer has the opportunity to influence. When you understand the employment relationship as a journey, you can also see more clearly the situations where the employer has the opportunity to influence. The employee journey is a holistic picture that helps to identify strengths and challenges in the employees as a resource. With us, the perspective is the employee’s experience, not predetermined structures, because the employee’s journey is his or her own. Once we learn the characteristics that connect them, we can create structures to meet the need.


Practical coaching based on data analytics to generate deep employee insight and the benefits of that insight. The coaching sessions are a combination of thinking and operating models and practical exercises. Themes of the coaching include:

  • Organisational culture: what it is and how to influence it
  • The employee journey: life cycle of employment relationship and how to identify key points along the way
  • Perspective-shifting skills in the supervisor work: the value of understanding others
  • Using data: it’s not data that makes you happy, it’s the right data used in the right way
  • Experience and how to influence it: “understanding experience” sounds passive, how to make it a basis of competitive advantage?

Cultural canvas and cultural workshop

Building a culture starts with identifying the right direction for the journey between the current situation and the goal. Two of our services aim at finding the right direction. The culture canvas is a three-day spurt of a management workshop, a staff perspective, and the introduction of the canvas. We can also hold a one-day workshop to bring together stakeholders and discover the assets and challenges of the culture components together.

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Tatu Malmström

I am Tatu Malmström, responsible for research and data analysis at HR Legal. I use employee experience, organisational culture and KPI modelling to help organisations base decisions about the future on an accurate understanding of the current situation. My work is about exploring to find solutions that challenge established assumptions. Do you have a competitive advantage in understanding your workforce? Contact us or book a free appointment and together we will design the most suitable service for you!

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