Expert services and Coaching I am Henna-Riikka “HRH” Huhta, CEO and founder of HR Legal. I will be happy to help you find the most appropriate expert service or coaching for your needs. Contact us and let's talk more!

+358 50 599 3049
Headhunting & Recruiting I am Martti Kangas, Partner at HR Legal. I am responsible for the headhunting and recruiting business. I provide business-oriented recruiting and headhunting services with more than 25 years of experience. Contact us and we can assess together what kind of service would best suit your needs.
+358 40 700 7754
Employment law consulting & Co-operation negotiation I am Anna-Maria Wassman, Partner at HR Legal. I am responsible for the legal services business. I provide demanding employment law assignments and co-operation negotiations for our clients. Contact us and we can assess together what kind of service would best suit your needs.
+358 50 575 8454
Research services & Analytics I am Tatu Malmström, the leader of our research services and Partner. Together with my team, we conduct goal-oriented personnel surveys, insightful pulse surveys and data analysis. With us, you can be sure that you will always get practical benefit from the information you have researched. What kind of questions do you have on mind? Book a free needs survey.

+358 44 557 3609
Outsourced HR & Recruiting I am Tarja Forsblom-Korsi, Senior Consultant. I am responsible for our outsourced HR service business and provide headhunting and recruiting services with over 20 years of experience. Contact us and we can assess together what kind of service would best suit your needs.

Employment and legal services

Need help with your co-operation negotiations or day-to-day employment matters. Would you benefit from a description of the current state of HR and legal matters? We have many years of experience in practical HR law. Our experienced lawyers are easy to understand and focus on the essentials.

Training services

Are you looking for a convincing and inspiring coach for your supervisors? Need an professional partner for workplace mediation? Our coaches have many years of experience in coaching and workplace mediation. We believe that in a hectic working environment, quality training for employees and supervisors is the key to coping at work.

Outsourced HR

Are you looking for an experienced HR professional to take care of your day-to-day routines or develop your operations? Do you have a temporary or part-time need for an outsourced HR Manager or an outsourced HR Director (Interim HR Director)? We offer your organisation reliable and competent support by hiring our professionals for a variety of needs. We specialise especially in demanding assignments and supporting growth companies.

Reasearch and analysing services

Do you have plans to improve the well-being of your organisation? Are you considering how future changes in working life will affect your business? How can culture be changed in the context of organisational change? Our research and analysing services provide you with the knowledge-based support you need to achieve your goals. By understanding the experience of your staff and work community and the resulting development needs, you will build a healthy and productive culture.

Strategic HR & HR projects

Are you planning to develop your remuneration model to support your strategic objectives? Are you in the process of updating your HR strategy or developing your well-being at work? We offer your organisation expert and experienced support in both strategy work and the overall implementation of projects. For example, we can help you with project implementation as an expert or project manager.

Headhunting and recruiting

Are you looking for a convincing and business-oriented partner for recruitment or head hunting? Our recruitment team has many years of experience in recruitment, combined searches, head hunting and assessments. We make sure that your organisation finds the best talent and our recruitment is always guaranteed.

Our coaches, HR professionals and lawyers at your service since 2011.

We offer our services in Finland, but we also provide expert services in other Nordic countries.

We operate in a wide range of industries. Our clients include SMEs, listed companies, organisations and foundations, as well as public companies.

Our experts have extensive experience in a wide range of sectors. Our expertise includes HR, employment law, management, coaching, recruitment and analytics. 

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