We carry out projects to develop staff and work communities for a variety of organisations. Our experienced professionals offer their expertise in outlining and describing the whole picture, or act as project managers or project executors. The combination of experience and know-how enables truly effective development interventions. Projects can be combined with our research services, coaching and legal consultancy.


We implement a wide range of workplace and personnel development projects. In our projects, we help to describe the overall picture and draw up project plans. We can also be involved in the day-to-day implementation of the project. If the project involves legal aspects, our experts are also responsible for the related consultation with the help of the team.

Our HR projects often require solid practical knowledge and professional skills. We follow future trends, but always keep the basics and the concrete in mind. Focus on the essentials is our slogan also in HR projects!

Typical projects that we have implemented for our clients: compensation development, job satisfaction projects, payroll system change projects, holistic payroll development (including outsourcing and building a payroll team), Talent Management programmes, strategic HR planning, skills development (skills mapping), development of work capacity and well-being from strategy to action plans.

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Compensation and job satisfaction

We develop compensation systems, compensation models and focus on holistic compensation development. We also assist in the development of payroll systems and job descriptions. If there are legal issues involved, we will resolve them at the same time.

Payroll system improvement

Our experienced payroll professionals carry out payroll status analysis, process development, payroll team development and, if necessary, help with outsourcing and payroll team building.


In our HRD projects, we put our expertise and time at your disposal. We work at a strategic level, but we are also happy to help with the actual work and routines. We also act as project manager on a project, if required.

Working capacity and well-being at work

We help you to develop your organisation’s working capacity and well-being in a strategic and process-oriented way. We help to develop cooperation in occupational health care, compete with occupational health service providers and help you to choose the most effective services for your occupational health care service. We work together with Koho Consulting Ltd.

STRAGETIC HR and capasity for change

Nykypäivän ketterä strategiatyö haastaa muutosten toteuttamisen nopeudellaan. Valmennamme johtoryhmänne ketterään strategiatyöhön neljän vaiheen avulla:

Understanding – Vision – Options – Implementation

We help you create simple, concrete approaches and models that deliver visible and impactful results. Strategy is not just on the management agenda. Through Effective Performance Management (OKR Objectives and Key Results), we ensure that, at least at team level, everyone knows what needs to be done next.

We are a reliable player. We always listen to our customers. We can support you in implementing your strategy or facilitate and lead your change project together with your key people. Together, we can make your organisation a successful and world-class place to work.

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Strategic HR

Strategic HR projects

Together, we will identify the main HR challenges for the implementation of your strategy. Identifying key persons and aligning goals will significantly improve the chances of success. Auditing key persons is a good starting point for building your future organisation and succession planning.

Developing executive teams

Does your executive team work as a team or as individuals? More productivity by working together with our support. An executive team must be more than the sum of its parts. We believe that by training and coaching our executive teams, we can create a new spark and hunger for results.

Demanding transformation projects

Our demanding transformation projects include legal, strategic and research services. In addition, we help you put the whole thing into practice. Culture change is possible when we identify the necessary management styles and practices and organise the work to add value for your clients.

Our research service provides an accurate snapshot of the situation, allowing prioritisation and scheduling of development activities. Competent staff, properly organised and well managed, is the key to success. Work experiences are created in partnership with our experts.

Partner model for transformation projects

Transformation projects are managed from start to finish with a holistic partner model. Our experienced experts and quality partners enable us to deliver projects in a convincing and flexible manner. The partner model is suitable for integration situations, growth companies, mergers and acquisitions, etc. Focusing on the essentials and ensuring successful change

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Strategic HR and HR projects

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