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Käytännönläheisyys, ratkaisukeskeisyys ja selkokielisyys ovat työsuhde- ja juridisten palveluidemme ydintä. Uskomme, että henkilöstöjohtamiselle luodaan parhaat edellytykset toimia kun lakisääteiset työ- ja virkasuhdeasiat ovat järjestyksessä. Selvitetään yhdessä organisaatiosi lakisääteisten työsuhdeasioiden  nykytila ja kriittisimmät kehitystarpeet. Kaikilla juristeillamme on käytännön kokemusta myös HR-tehtävistä, joten liiketoiminnallinen lähestyminen on meille luontaista.

Our experts – Approachable and easy to understand!

Labour legislation is constantly changing: The Working Time Act was reformed in 2020 and non-competition agreements and the act on Co-operation within Undertakings will change early 2022. We want to help your company to keep employment matters up to date and legal.

Employment law consultancy is one of our most popular services. It is a flexible service that ensures your organisation gets help whenever you need it. Legal text might sometimes be hard to understand and ambiguous, but we always consult in a clear and practical way. We will identify course of actions suitable for the issue in question and guide you on what results these actions can achieve.

Employment consultancy usually has a positive impact on the working atmosphere. Consistency, fairness and equal treatment are key elements when deciding on company policies and actions. By asking for an outside perspective from a trusted partner, the employer is showing that it is acting within the law. Our point of view is that conflicts in working life can be avoided through preventive measures!

Employment law services tailored for your needs

HR work is closely linked to employment law, but an HR perspective is also needed in employment law. That’s why we offer employment law services with an HR perspective. Law doesn’t have to be too complicated, which is why our motto is “let’s focus on the essentials”.

Employment law consultancy covers a wide range of issues, and we solve all the legal problems related to life cycle of employment relationship. In addition, we draft statutory plans and help develop existing ground rules and policies.

We work a lot with matters related to Act on co-operation within undertakings. The most common situations where our help is needed are co-operation negotiations where the use of personnel is reduced. We help our client throughout the entire process from the planning phase to the implementation of actions. In the event of a business acquisition, merger or amalgamation, we help to make integration a reality by taking care of the statutory obligations and harmonisation measures often associated with integration.

In addition to a flexible hourly employment law consultancy service, our services include a fixed monthly service of either 20 hours or 30 hours per month. We also offer possibility to hire out our lawyer on a temporary, full-time on part-time basis as required. It is also possible to hire out an experienced HR professional as an external resource for operational or strategic work. A HR-professional will take care of employment law issues and provide legal support for supervisors and managers.

Data protection services to support GDPR adoption

Our data protection services are similar to employment law services. We offer data protection surveys, impact assessments and audits. Our data protection lawyers also offer consultancy services to support organisations with day-to-day data protection issues. The consultancy service is either an hourly based or a fixed monthly service. In addition, we hire out data protection experts and offer data protection officer services. Various types of training, documents, contracts and register descriptions are also part of our data protection services. 


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Business in the Nordic countries?

We also offer our services in the Nordic countries through our partners. We can provide you with legal support in various employment matters and coaching in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In addition, we can hire out HR-professional to Sweden.



Employment law consultancy

Understanding the whole of employment law is important in HR work. The aim of our consultancy is to develop a sense of fairness and the ability to act consistently and independently in challenging situations. Our services are provided on a flexible hourly basis or on a fixed monthly basis. Our service covers all legal issues related to the employment relationship, from everyday problems to development projects and co-operation processes.

Data protection services

We offer a wide range of data protection consultancy and GDPR surveys for all kinds of organisations and situations. We will develop processes to comply with GDPR and ensure that your register descriptions are up to date. In addition, with years of experience, we provide training on data protection issues for managers, supervisors, or all staff.

Co-operation negotiations and corporate transactions

Our experts have strong experience in challenging situations such as co-operation negotiations, organisational changes, HR DD-processes and corporate transactions. Co-operation negotiations are not just about legal issues and practical knowledge of change management is also required. We combine both in our services. We are happy to be involved from the planning phase! Our coaching team is also involved in job-seeking training and outplacement services. Read more here.

HR and Law audit

HR and law audits are used to determine the current state of your company’s HR and employment matters and the most critical development needs. The audit leads to better management and improves employees’ performance and engagement. A lightweight and comprehensive option of audits is available. In addition, audits can be combined with research services. Click here to learn more about our research and analytics services.

HeaRt – an easy HR-tool

An easy-to-use online service for small businesses providing supervisors and employer representatives with fast and concrete help for situations at different stages of the employment relationship: simple answers and guidance, forms, training and additional support.


Juridiset palvelut

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