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We are specialiced in demanding outsourced HR-services that require extensive professional skills. Through outsourced HR services, you can hire, for example, an employment lawyer or HR manager as an additional resource. During the service, our expert has the support of the whole team at his or her disposal and the service can also be combined with, for example, a recruitment service, coaching or employment law consultancy. We will start the service with a survey to identify the key actions or, alternatively, a plan and a list of things we will implement in your organisation’s day-to-day activities for an agreed period.

Our services to make everyday changes easier - when to choose an outsourced HR service

In our services HR Legal Services Oy is the employer of the outsourced HR expert and he/she works for our client in a predefined role. The service can be provided on a full-time or part-time basis, depending on the client’s needs.

The duration and scope of the assignment can be flexibly agreed during the assignment. This is also typical of Outsourced HR-services. Before the assignment, we carefully consider with the client what would be the best option for them, for the situation at hand. In the hectic world of HR, you need to adapt quickly to unexpected situations, and this is exactly what Outsourced HR has been developed for.

Outsourced HR services can be needed in many different situations, but they often have one thing in common: change. Change, in turn, can come about for a variety of reasons:
  • Temporary post for a HR Director or employment lawyer due to sick leave, family leave or study leave.
  • In situations where the recruitment of a new HR manager would be too slow or where you want to take time to consider your own HR roles and needs
  • When you want to set up an HR function in your company (Outsourced HR Manager or HR Director)
  • For projects or situations requiring specific expertise or additional resources (outsourced employment lawyer, staff manager or HR Business Partner)
  • Developing well-being at work and working capacity management
What kind of services do we offer?

We are focused on outsourcing experienced HR professionals. Our assignments are focused on demanding HR tasks, often involving the development of HR functions together with the business. Our outsourced professionals have solid track record in a variety of demanding HR roles.  In particular, we are praised for our experts’ ability to manage projects independently and to support management and supervisors in employment matters. Indeed, many of our experts have management group backgrounds.

The assignments we handle are usually fast paced, requiring an assimilation of the situation and the ability to identify and engage with different stakeholders. Many of our employees have worked as an interim HR Manager or HR Business Partner. Some have a background as an employment manager or employment lawyer. In addition, our outsourced HR professional always has the full range of HR Legal expertise at its disposal. As a team we ensure that the client has access to all the competence they need.

Outsourced HR Services often start with an HR and legal survey, the results of which can be used to jointly define the content, timing and priorities of the assignment.

Why to choose an outsourced HR service?
  • Get outsourced HR professionals to help you quickly and flexibly
  • An outsourced HR service can be part-time or full-time
  • The tasks of the outsourced HR service are defined and tailored to your needs
  • The outsourced HR service can be for a fixed term, e.g. for a specific project
  • An outsourced HR service is cost-effective, saving you recruitment and orientation costs
  • You are not bound by the employment relationship, nor to anyone’s specific skills.
  • You get the right skills and the right person with the whole HR Legal team at your disposal

Want to know more about Outsourced HR services?

Our outsourced HR services offer flexible part-time solutions as well as full-time services to meet your long-term needs. We tailor the service to suit your needs.

Contact us or submit a reoffer request and let’s talk more!

tarja.forsblom-korsi@hrlegal or 040 147 0489

Discover our services


Outsourced HR Director

an experienced HR director helps management to bring a human resources perspective to business planning and strategy implementation and is responsible for the overall management and development of HR.

The competence of an outsourced HR Director includes.

  • Working with management teams
  • HR Strategy
  • Managing and developing the HR function
  • Workforce planning and resourcing
  • Lobbying the Employers’ Association
  • Strategic well-being at work
  • Employer image and employee experience
  • Organisational culture

Outsourced HR Manager

An experienced HR Manager will help you with operational HR work, while also dealing with employment law matters and legal support for supervisors.

The competence of an outsourced HR Manager includes:

  • Recruitment
  • Payroll systems, remuneration and benefits
  • Employment contracts and collective agreement knowledge
  • Occupational health and well-being at work
  • HR Business Partner role
  • Various HR projects
  • Cooperation with employee representatives
  • Reporting and development of HR analytics
  • Development of HR processes

Outsourced Employment Lawyer/Staff manager

Our Employment Lawyers and Staff Managers are experienced legal professionals, each with experience and insight in HR matters. Our lawyers also have experience in labour market issues, establishment-level agreements and various change situations.

The competence of an employment lawyer and staff manager includes:

  • Employment relationship and collective agreement issues
  • Restructuring, co-operation and co-operation negotiations
  • cooperation with employee representatives and establishment-level agreements
  • Support for management and supervisors
  • Employer policies, documents, guidelines, and codes of conduct
  • Statutory staff plans
  • Challenging situations
  • coaching for supervisors

HR & Recruiment services

Tarja Forsblom-Korsi

I am Tarja Forsblom-Korsi. At HR Legal I work primarily as a recruitment and head-hunting consultant. I also support and assist in various HR projects and development projects. I have been working in the HR sector for 25 years. I have gained experience both as a consultant and in charge of HR service operations as well as working in internal HR operations in various roles. Recruitment through various methods of implementation and related development have been part of my work since the beginning of 1997.

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