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Your HR challenge is our job! We love what we do and we are one of the best in HR law in Finland. Our experienced HR professionals offer their expertise in areas such as consulting, projects and coaching. Find out more about all our services below.

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Employment law services

When things are done right, there is no need to repair the damage afterwards. By fulfilling your legal obligations, you will increase staff satisfaction at a low cost and improve management. Let’s work together to identify the current state of your company’s employment law and the most critical areas for improvement.

Training services

Our trainers have many years of experience in training and coaching. We tailor our coaching to the needs of each organisation, but we also offer ready-made coaching programmes. We believe that in today’s hectic working environment, quality training is the key to coping at work. We also offer online coaching!

Outsourced HR -services

We offer your organisation reliable and competent support through our Outsourced HR -service.  This service is specifically designed for situations where strong skills and experience are required. Through this service, you have access to the know-how of our entire team!

Research and analysis services

Our research and analysis services provide support for research that supports your organisation’s objectives.  By being aware of what is truly relevant to your employees, you strengthen and take responsibility for your corporate culture.

Stragetic HR and HR-projects

We offer your company support for strategic HR work. We believe that strategic HR is a prerequisite for productivity and a healthy organisation. We also carry out a variety of development projects.

Head hunting and recruitment

We handle recruitment and person assessments for you, with strong experience and professionalism. We make sure that your company finds the best people and our recruitment is always guaranteed.

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