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Our experts at your service! Our team includes employment law and data protection experts, coaches and experienced HR professionals. In addition, our team is complemented by recruitment professionals and analysts. 

HR, legal services, coaching

Maria "Maisa" Setälä

I am Maria Setälä, an employment lawyer with a passion for rewarding and good management. I believe that the fundamentals, such as roles and rules, have to be in order in companies. That’s why I often come back to these issues with clients during projects.

I most often meet our clients in situations where they need clarity and direction on complex issues and the certainty that experience brings. I have also worked as an HR manager in various assignments and would be happy to share my experiences in this context. Problems in the workplace are solved together – I would be pleasured to exchange ideas with you!

HR, Coach, work advisor

Päivi Seppälä

I am Päivi Seppälä and at HR Legal I work as a consultant specialising in well-being at work and functionality of work community, coach and outsourced help. I am happy to help with issues related to cooperation, interaction and coping at work. I also offer coaching and workplace mediation. My over 20-year career in the fast-paced news industry and my long experience as a supervisor have taught me that solutions are found by acting with humanity and respect. Do not Hesitate to contact me and let’s talk about how I can help you!

HR, Coaching

Jenni Pitkänen

I am Jenni Pitkänen. At HR Legal I work as a trainer, coach and HR consultant. I have a 20-year career in a variety of HR roles in different organisations. I am especially interested in matters related to management, change management and well-being at work. Offering functioning solutions that has positive impacts on clients every-day working life is important for me.

HR & Legal, coaching

Anna-Maria Wassman

I am Anna-Maria Wassman one of the employment lawyers of HR Legal. I help our clients in all kinds of employment relationship related problems and situations with experience of 15 years. I believe that hard work will find a solution to even the most difficult situations. Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss further!


Henna-Riikka Huhta

I am Henna-Riikka Huhta CEO and founder of HR Legal Services. I have assisted our clients especially in demanding organisational change situations and coached people working in supervisor positions in various companies. The main focus of my working is on exchanging ideas with my clients. As a CEO I also help you to find the best and most suitable services and people for your needs. I am happy to help you, so contact me to arrange a free appointment!

Strategy, Demanding HR-projects

Ari Kuutschin

I am Ari Kuutschin, and my career is evenly divided between HR and business responsibilities. With this experience, I help our clients to find concrete and effective solutions for implementing their strategy through human resources management. In particular, I handle projects related to management and productivity improvement, organisational change management, well-being at work and employment law. Feel free to contact us and book an appointment for a free meeting for exchanging of ideas.

Research and analysis services, strategic HR

Tatu Malmström

I am Tatu Malmström, and I am responsible for HR Legal’s research services and data analysis. Through employee experience, organisational culture and KPI modelling, I help organisations base their future decisions on an accurate understanding of the current situation. My job is to use research tools to find solutions that challenge established practices. Contact me to book a free situation assessment!

HR and legal services, coaching

Jenni Kairinen

I am Jenni Kairinen, a lawyer specialising in employment and data protection law. I help our clients to develop their people and operations, from planning to implementation. My main goal is to break the stereotype of rigid lawyers who are hard to understand and attend my clients clearly and intelligibly. Get in touch and let’s talk more about how I can help you!

HR and legal services, also public sector

Tiina Häyhä

I am Tiina Häyhä. At HR Legal I work as an expert and trainer. I support and assist both our private and public sector clients’ HR professionals and supervisors. I help in matters related to employment and public officer relationships and in all aspects of HR work, whether it’s day-to-day work or organisational change and development situations. My expertise are demanding co-operation processes, development of HR processes and operation models, development and implementation of HR IT-systems (systems to support and enhance HR-processes), challenging workplace communities and knowledge of the specifics of the public sector.

Legal services, data protection, coaching

Tapio Pesonen

I am Tapio Pesonen, and I work in our legal team with years of experience in HR, data protection, business law and various development assignments. In my work, I focus on data protection, different types of contacts and workplace mediation. I always have time for my clients and am happy to help where I can!

Recruiting and STRAtegic HR

Martti Kangas

I am Martti Kangas and a Partner at HR Legal. I am responsible for HR Legal’s Recruitment and Strategic HR business. I offer business-driven recruitment and head-hunting services with over 25 years of experience. Please contact me and let’s discuss together what type of service would be best for you!

hr, recruiting

Tarja Forsblom-Korsi

I am Tarja Forsblom-Korsi. At HR Legal I work primarily as a recruitment and head-hunting consultant. I also assist with various HR projects and development initiatives. I have been working in HR for 25 years. During those years I have gained experience as a consultant and in charge of HR service operations as well as working in internal HR functions in various roles. Recruitment using different implementation methods and their development have been part of my work since 1997.

Legal services

Severi Nordlund

I am Severi Nordlund, and I work as a Legal trainee. I support our legal team in a variety of tasks, but especially in matters related to employment and data protection law. My work is guided by the desire to make law accessible and understandable.

HR, Coaching and projects

Marjo Huhtala

I am Marjo Huhtala and I help with business-driven, comprehensive HR issues, rental HR assignments and coaching projects. I am energetic and skilled HR management professional. I always look at the issues from three different perspectives: good management, HR law and productivity. I have worked with a wide range of companies, from growth stories to family businesses, helping in business and management areas in a versatile and wise way. I care about my staff with a big heart. Contact me and let’s solve challenges together!

HR and legal services, coaching

Eeva Engfelt

I am Eeva Engfelt an experienced HR professional and lawyer with ability to use employment law in a business-oriented and practical way. My work experience includes the Employers’ Federation, law firm and other diverse HR management roles in different industries and cultures. I can use my experience and expertise to help our clients with a wide range of HR strategy and processes, including employment law issues. I am also a certified coach. Get in touch and let’s find the best solution to you!

HR, coaching and projects

Jonna Halmesmäki

I am Jonna Halmesmäki, and I work for HR Legal on HR projects, coaching and outsourced HR assignments. I have been working in HR-positions in various companies, for 15 years and have accumulated experience and know-how for our clients. I have also worked as a coach and trainer.

I believe that good communication and the developing of supervisors are the cornerstones of good HR. I am an energetic and practical HR professional with whom you don’t have to be nervous about working together! Get in touch and let’s see how I can be of service to you!



Teresa Ahokas

I am Teresa Ahokas and I am a Senior HR Consultant. I have extensive and diverse work experience in strategic and operational HR and business management in Finland and internationally. My educational background is in industrial psychology, business studies and psychotherapy, so I do a wide variety of outosurced HR, project and coaching assignments at HR Legal. My work approach is people-oriented, solution-focused and pragmatic.


Minna Kajanne​

I am Minna and I have a long experience in HR management and supporting business activities. At HR Legal I work as a key account manager and as a coach. I help our clients to develop their supervisor work, and my work also includes coaching, workplace mediation and outplacement training. My work is about meeting people and being genuinely present. These are also areas I want to help and support your organisation with. Contact me and let’s talk. Together we will find the best solution.

HR & Legal services, coaching

Anu Salmela

I am Anu Salmela, one of HR Legal’s employment lawyers. I assist clients in both the public and private sector throughout the entire lifecycle of employment relationship and in all sections of HR from supporting supervisors and HR professionals to challenging organisational change situations. Get in touch and let’s see how I can help you!


Mailis Heinonen

I am Mailis Heinonen, Office Manager at HR Legal. I make sure that our day-to-day work runs smoothly so that our experts can focus on working with our clients. The best thing about my job is the variety of tasks and the fact that I get to help out. I enjoy working with people and I love being part of the HR Legal team.


Tuija Aro

I am Tuija Aro. At HR Legal I work as a trainer, consultant and coach. For more than 15 years, I have had the pleasure of working with clients in designing and implementing demanding coaching processes for experts, managers and executives. My aim is always to inspire, but also to ensure that the knowledge and skills are concrete and applicable to everyday work. I believe that respect and an understanding of differences create the ability to solve even difficult situations in a positive way. Contact me to discuss how I can be of help to you.

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