Executive search and recruitment services

Our Executive Search & Recruitment services include outsourced recruitment, headhunting and assessments. We provide recruitment services with strong experience and professionalism. We make sure that your company finds the best talent in a business-oriented way and our recruitment is always guaranteed.

We handle recruitment and assessments on your behalf

Only a few companies have extra time. When a company needs to recruit staff, it is usually in a hurry. Recruiting key staff and management is often a laborious and critical process. Recruitment mistakes are difficult to correct afterwards and, in the worst cases, costly. In addition, a poorly managed recruitment process will tarnish your company’s reputation and image.

Avoid the rush, the extra stretching of resources and the possibility of recruitment mistakes by outsourcing the whole process to professionals. We promise to make things run smoothly. We know how and where to find the right people. We have effective channels and wide networks. Recruiting the right people for different companies is a daily routine for us.

We manage the whole process from start to finish and our recruitment is guaranteed. That way, you can focus on your core competencies in your business, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Executive search and recruitment services

Executive search and hybrid recruitment

Executive search for managers and key employees is often the best and most cost-effective way to find the right person for your organisation. Executive search can be used to find both management and hard-to-find experts. In addition to our extensive experience, we use a wide range of effective information retrieval methods and business and culture-oriented industry research. Executive searches can also be supported by a call for applications and can be carried out as a hybrid recruitment. 

We want to change customers’ experiences and perceptions of executive search. We only charge for executive search when we are successful.

Rcruitment services

An effective recruitment process can use a variety of channels and recruitment methods: direct contact, in-house, customer and partner networks, and digital solutions.

Recruitment starts with the client company’s strategy and overall situation. Once the desired skills profile of the person to be recruited has been identified, we find the person who meets your company’s wishes and requirements, both in terms of skills and personality.

You can outsource the entire recruitment process to us, or just parts of it.


The personal assessment provides more detailed information about the applicant’s style, personality and motivation, and is used to inform the final recruitment decision.

The results of the assessment are also used to assess the suitability of the person for the team. As an important part of the person assessment, the recruiting supervisor will also gain information on how the person should be supervised and managed. The assessment will also show where the person’s strengths lie and where they may need more support.

The assessment uses well-known and reliable self-assessment tests that measure workplace competencies. The main method of assessment is always an interview, where the results of the tests are discussed together. The final report consists of the interview, test results and recommendations.

All applicants are treated individually, with strict attention to data protection. Individuals are also always given feedback on the results and the opportunity to discuss them with the consultant.


The audit aims to identify the key people in the organisation and their strengths in relation to the identified competences that support the implementation of the strategy. As a result of the audit exercise, each person is assigned a role that best suits them.

The results of the audit will be used to shape the organisation. The audit also provides information on people’s own motivations and general well-being. In our experience, the audit also highlights critical issues that the organisation is facing.

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Recruitment and executive search servives

Martti Kangas

I am Martti Kangas and I am in charge of HR Legal’s Recruitment and Executive Search team. We provide recruitment and executive search services, personnel assessments, management audits and outsourced recruitment services with over 25 years of experience. Contact us to discuss which service would best suit your needs.

Recruitment and executive search servives

Tarja Forsblom-Korsi

I am Tarja Forsblom-Korsi. I work for HR Legal as a recruitment and executive search consultant. I also support and assist in various HR projects and development projects. Contact me or leave a request for a offer – I’m happy to help!

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