We offer our training- and coaching services with years of experience. Our view is that in a hectic working life, high-quality training is the key to employees’ well-being at work. In addition, training and coaching increases a company’s intellectual capital. All our trainings are practical and customized to your company’s needs!

Our professional and approachable staff at your service!

Our training and coaching services creates a reliable and inspiring atmosphere for learning. They are based on a student-orientated and interactive approach. In our services we provide tools that work in everyday life and are easy to adopt and use. We ensure learning through developmental feedback, encouragement and inspiring.

In our coaching-services we use versatile facilitation methods and case-studies. Coaching is always based on facts, but also includes ideas for good practise, practical tips for every-day-life, examples, and recommendations. Coaching can be delivered face-to-face, remotely or a combination of both. In addition, coaching series can be combined with our online training products for continuous learning.

We have coached and trained managers, supervisors, HR professionals and employees in organisations of all sizes, in both the private and public sectors. We deliver training and coaching with years of experience, reliably and always with best learning experience in mind.

Our coaching method – conceptualised with experience

We use both coach- and student-oriented learning methods. At the beginning of the coaching days, we provide frameworks and perspectives to stimulate the issues to be addressed. After a more theoretical introduction, we use case studies to support learning. Students will be strongly involved in the learning process by doing case exercises individually and in groups.

We aim for inclusive learning, i.e., diversity in coaching and learning. We combine on-the-job coaching and experiential learning in the workplace by tying the themes and tasks of the coaching strongly to everyday work. We also make use of the online environment, guided skype sessions and group coaching to support learning.

During the coaching days, we do a lot of group work and in addition to their own output, students also learn from each other. Participants will work independently on reflection exercises after the coaching days and will apply the tools they have learned to their own needs. We will use different facilitation methods in case exercises. The methods will be chosen according to the theme and the size of the group.

Are you planning to develop your supervisory duties or external supervising? Contact us, we would be happy to help!

Want to know more about our supervisor training? Do your team leaders need more tools to manage the telework? Are you interested in coaching? Our coaches are at your disposal! You can submit a request for a quote or ask for more information: or 040 833 8053

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Coaching for supervisors

We offer both off-the-shelf coaching and services customized to your needs. Our approach is practical and inclusive, so it is easy to apply learned things in a day-to-day working life. We have several off-the-shelf coaching with different themes. Among the individual coaching sessions, the most popular are management by coaching, self-management, the role of the supervisor, power & responsibility and diversity management. In addition, we offer the following coaching series: Skilled supervisor, Leader – impressive management and Leader – human management.

Interaction coaching

How do I bring up a challenging situation at workplace? How do I develop a culture of interaction? Interaction coaching is always based on research, but also includes many different exercises. The rights and responsibilities of the supervisor, combined with interaction coaching, provide a strong basis for developing supervisor work.

HR Legal Online coaching

Participation in the coaching is not dependent on time or place. Take a look at HR Legal’s online programmes and choose the most effective coaching for your organisation! We also offer annual licenses for coaching for supervisors, HR or payroll.


Our online coaching offers include: the HR Law Partner coaching programme for both the private and public sectors and for payroll administrators.

The HR Law Partner online-coaching is designed both the private and public sector and payroll professionals. For supervisors, we offer the Leader – Effective Leadership online-coaching.

Open coaching

We regularly organise coaching sessions open for all. In spring and autumn, new groups will be launched in the Leader – Effective Leadership coaching (5 x 3 h) and in the Co-operation Negotiations & Responsible Improvement coaching (3 x 2,5 h).

Well-being at Work Card Training

The Well-being at Work Card training is intended for management, HR-professionals, supervisors and employees. We offer training open to all throughout the year, as well as customised Well-being at Work Card training for organisations.

Each participant receives a training material and a Well-being at Work Card.

HR Law Partner®

The HR Law Partner® training series is designed for anyone who needs employment relationship skills in their work. It consists of eight modules and is based on employment law, but with a strong focus on HR, links to strategic thinking and humanity. Those who complete the training series will receive a diploma.

Coaching and external supervising

Our certified coaches and work advisors offer services designed for different situations. Coaching, for example, is an excellent complement to supervisor coaching. Coaching is an effective way to bring about changes in work and work organisation.

Outplacement - job search coaching

Coaching for job search helps redundant employees to find a new career or job. We help organisations to complete their legal change security obligations. We focus primarily on experts’ individual job search coaching. For wider projects, we work together with Eilakaisla and Careeria.

Co-operation negotiations

Our coaching series Co-operation Negations and Responsible Intensification includes three sessions. The coaching series is intended for anyone who wants to learn more about how to conduct the co-operation process in a professional, humane and business-supportive way. The coaching series will also focus on the upcoming amendment to Act on Co-operation within Undertakings.

Workplace mediating

our mediators use a solution-focused model of workplace mediation. It is suitable for a wide range of workplace problems, including more serious situations unfair treatment and harassment. We act as workplace mediators and, if necessary, provide the necessary legal investigations into the situation.

Well-being at work coaching

Our well-being at work coaching is particularly suitable for those responsible for well-being and safety at work, HR professionals and anyone working in a supervisor role. We offer Well-being at Work card training, Recovery coaching and Early Support coaching.

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